+ Do you only cook Mexican food?

No, we cook a variety of food. We have a wedding package, but if you would like us to create something custom, we will!

+ Will someone be on-site managing the food service and staff?

Yes, you will have our event coordinator there as well as a server lead.

+ Can you book servers and bartenders for us?

Yes, we include that on our quote, unless you don’t want to bring your own alcohol in. We then suggest a company we partner with to help!

+ Can we book rentals with you?

Yes. We partner with a local rental company and can help collect a quote for you and then add that cost to our contract.

+ We want something more upscale, a lot of weddings we have been to have " rubber chicken."

We have a variety of proteins you can select from, ranging from salmon, halibut, tenderloin, skirt steak, etc. During your tasting, I would suggest trying our chicken. The presentation and sauce we use to top the chicken is really good!

+ Is cake cutting included?

Yes, we can inlcude this in your package for service.

+ Can we mix and match the menu to create a custom one?

Yes, have fun with all of our menus or ask us to create something off-menu! We love getting creative and creating a perfect menu for you!

+ Have you catered at many different venues?

We have catered at numerous venues in DFW and we have traveled as far as Austin, Texas for a wedding. Our most frequent venues we cater at in DFW is Whiskey Ranch, Brik, 4 eleven Brooks at Weatherford, Stonegate Mansion and Dove Ridge. If we haven’t catered at the venue you selected, we will go to the venue prior and tour.

+ What does your set-up look like for a buffet and how do you prevent buffet lines?

We use cast iron skillet for our chaffing dishes, unless you would like us to rent something else. We use hammered serving utensils and like to add greenery or floral to the buffet from the florists. Our staff serves each item on the buffet to help prevent long lines.