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+ Do you only cook Mexican food?

No, we cook a variety of food. We have a wedding package, but if you would like us to create something custom, we will!

+ Will someone be on-site managing the food service and staff?

Yes, you will have our event coordinator there as well as a server lead.

+ Can you book servers and bartenders for us?

Yes, we include that on our quote, unless you don’t want to bring your own alcohol in. We then suggest a company we partner with to help!

+ We want something more upscale, a lot of weddings we have been to have " rubber chicken."

We have a variety of proteins you can select from, ranging from salmon, halibut, tenderloin, skirt steak, etc. During your tasting, I would suggest trying our chicken. The presentation and sauce we use to top the chicken is really good!


EXCLUSIVE Multi-course dinner featuring seasonal dishes at our monthly pop-up!

Dine in our intimate space or in our garden, overlooking downtown Fort Worth. Feel free to bring your favorite bottle of wine or beer!

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