Cabrito, a Family Tradition


Most of us were raised around family traditions. Some of us had family gatherings, recipes passed down from generation to generation or certain holidays dedicated to family.Our family tradition was Cabrito,milk fed kid goat. Being raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Cabrito was at every holiday or special occasion. From Christmas to New Years to birthday parties. It was a way to bring everyone together. When my dad and uncles would say “vamos asar un Cabrito!, you knew it was going to be a party that weekend.The planning process starts a week before the gathering. We have to find the right Cabrito. If my uncles, didn’t have any kid goats(they raised their own), they would visit their friends who raised them. The right Cabrito,is no older than 3-4 months, milk fed. The meat is light, and becomes tender as it slow roasts over charcoal.Once we found the Cabrito, it was prep time. Three days before the party, we would brine the harvested cabrito in salt water, bay leaves, and oregano. My aunts would make the salsas de molcajete, borracho beans, and whatever side dish was requested.The day of party, we would start the fire early, especially if we are making more than 4 cabritos.By end of night, the roasted cabritos were ready to be served.Of course, we couldn’t just have cabrito, we also added Carne Asada and Empalmes(bean and chorizo quesadillas cooked over open fire)for the non cabrito eaters. We also had 2-3 types of salsas, tortillas, borracho beans, and a plethora of condiments and toppings. We couldn’t forget the cases of Carta Blanca and tequila as well!! Arriba Arriba!!There are moments in our life, that not only make you appreciate what you have, but moments that you will shape your future. Appreciation for family and food.These are some of my greatest moments in my life. Memories I will cherish. My family traditions.Buen Provecho!!!!