One Year Supper Club Anniversary


We would like to start off by thanking all of our guests, who have attended our Supper Club Dinners. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating our one year anniversary. Without you, this crazy idea wouldn’t have come into fruition.I had many people ask us, “Where can we try your food since we don’t need anything catered?” I was stumped on what to say. I wanted to have an answer for everyone who asked and give everyone an opportunity to try the food.We started with a pop-up in Mansfield to test the water. We had an amazing response but, to me, it felt like just any other pop up dinner. I wanted more of an experience and a personal connection.We acquired our Fort Worth event space that’s attached to our catering kitchen. We were also finishing our patio garden and immediately started to see something coming together.While visiting Portland, I attended a Supper Club that inspired me. It was a permanent location, where the menu changed every week and was only open on certain days of the month. After talking to one of our clients of the idea, she said she used to attend Supper Club Dinners in the 60’s and loved the experience. She made friends with strangers, enjoyed great food, and drank plenty of wine…..that was it! Magdalena’s Supper Club came into play, especially since we now had a permanent location.Our first dinner was in July 2016, in Aledo, at our friend’s restaurant, the Bee’s Dive. In August, we moved into our new space and from there it just took off. We change the menu every month. I pull inspiration for our menus from just about every direction. From books, trips, childhood memories, or grandmother’s recipes. We have even pulled from ideas from our guests. Our dinners are BYOB for guests. That’s the fun part, getting to try their wines, like a 1970 Warres Vintage Porto.We saw our email list grow from 80 people to 1400 people. The best part of this past year, are the connections we are making with our guests. The nostalgic value the menu or a dish brings to our guests, reminding them of their upbringing in diverse cultures.My grandmother, Magdalena, was big on family. She wanted us to eat together, get along, and love each other, because at the end of the day, they were the only ones we can turn to. Familia was everything to her.Every person that has dined at our Supper Club is and will always be nuestra familia.Buen Provecho!Chef Juan